UVA Alumni Reception

On Wednesday, September 17, OvS hosted a UVa alumni event to honor the nomination of the School of Architecture’s new dean, Elizabeth Meyer. In attendance were School of Architecture professors Nancy Takahashi and Earl Mark, along with Associate Dean for Development Scott Karr.

Almost 100 UVa alumni, faculty, OvS employees, and even prospective students gathered around in OvS’ main studio to reconnect and learn about the changes and enhancements of the programs at the A-School. Meyer spoke informally but with resolution about what she hoped to set in place over her two-year tenure as Dean. She requested the involvement of young and established alumni alike, for everything from recruiting high school students, to hosting externships/internships, to providing design opportunities for studios where a practice might benefit from extra hands and a fresh set of ideas.Appointed to the prestigious U.S. Commission of Fine Arts in 2012, Meyer has made immeasurable contributions to enriching the profession of landscape architecture through her written work. Her manifesto Sustaining Beauty challenges the profession’s “limited discussion of sustainability” and underscores the importance of aesthetics in sustainable design.

Over three decades, OvS has worked to address this subject through its designs and through its close partnerships with a spectrum of disciplines that allow the firm to continue evolving.Thanks to Kim Wong Haggart for helping orchestrate this event, and thanks to Beth Meyer for reminding us how important it is that we fuel enthusiasm in our younger peers about the unique dialogues that arise from the professions of architecture, landscape architecture, and planning.