Our founder, Wolfgang Oehme, was famous for proclaiming this in a thick German accent. He would usually do so dramatically in mid-January, much to the chagrin of Jim van Sweden, who would be dismissive of the notion at such an early date.

Nevertheless, the perfect time to cut back your garden’s herbaceous materials and put down fresh mulch is while the earth is still frozen or, at least, firm. (However, as Wolfgang would order, “Do NOT touch the Fargesia (Clumping Bamboo)!

Keep in mind that now is also the time of year when your gardener’s schedule starts to fill-up – quickly, so it’s advisable to schedule a garden clean-up if you have not already. It is also a good time of year to consider how you’d like to improve your garden. We would be happy to visit you, tour your garden, and catch up.

Think spring!

Spring Is Here!