Sedges: A Solution for Every Garden.

Sedges, a favorite in the OvS perennial palette have increased in popularity in the garden community. In addition to adding texture and contrast, sedges bring a bevy of the other benefits to the garden. The Washington Post recently took notice as well.

Adrian Higgins’ extolled the virtue of the sedge, noting how they can be planted in either dry shaded areas or in wet and soil area. They can also help keep the wildlife at bay. And, perhaps most extraordinarily, is the simple fact that they can replace mulch – which requires constant replenishment.

Sedges can be found worldwide. Each has positive and negative characteristics and requires gardeners’ caution when choosing the right one. Some can be placed in dry shaded areas while others prefer to be in moist sunlight.

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Carex elata

Carex elata














Carex platyphylla w Amsonia tab Blue Ice_NYBG_photo by marisa

Carex Platyphylla


















Carex morrowii 'Ice Dance'

Carex Morrowii ‘Ice Dance’