Project Description

Chalon Residence
Bethesda, MD

Situated on two-acres, this home and garden illustrates what is possible when form and function meet high design. Both the interior and the exterior of the 24,000 square foot house respond to the needs of an active family of eight. Off the rear of the house, a terrace, pool and pergola reflect the site’s modern, open feel and provide a generous amount of space for entertaining. A unique fence serves both practical and aesthetic needs. Sleek steel slats, placed at 90 degree angles, secure the property and allow the homeowners uninterrupted views while screening the home from traffic on the opposite side.

The site design incorporated the preservation of many existing trees, while complimentary understory plantings weave through the woodland setting. The angularities of the shifting planes of the architecture are repeated in the landscape, uniting architecture and landscape architecture in a sculptural composition. Throughout the property, perennial massings provide seasonal interest and, as they are visible through the ground floor’s floor to ceiling windows, blur the lines between exterior and interior.

The project was awarded a 2014 Merit Award from the Maryland Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Part of the Excellence in Design program, the award recognizes work that “clearly demonstrates a level of design that exemplifies superior achievements of architectural quality.”

Dynerman Architects; Architect
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