MANTS 2019

The Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (MANTS) in Baltimore, MD is an annual event that OvS’ design team looks forward to attending.

MANTS is an event that brings together horticultural industry leaders, buyers, and landscape professionals from all over the world, giving them an opportunity to do business, network, and learn about plants and new products.

Jung Lee, one of OvS’ senior designers attended for the first time and had a wonderful and educational experience. Jung learned about many plants but two caught his eye. The first plant Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn”, Pink Dawm Viburnum. Jung states that “this plant gives a beautiful fragrance that you can detect from more than 12 feet away, and blooms in early winter to early spring.” The second plant Ilex crenata, ‘Sky Pencil’, Jung describes as “a unique vertical shape that can be used for interesting walkways hedges or whimsical privacy spaces. And an interesting fact, this is an all-female cultivar which needs a male pollinator to have fruit.”

Senior Designer You “Yoyo” Li also attended for the first time. Julie and Martina from Babikow Greenhouses, to whom Yoyo has frequently spoken but never met, shared with her some new plants for 2019, including two of her new favorites. Yoyo describes Epimedium x ‘Domino’ (Barrenwort) as “arching burgundy spikes of large white flowers with maroon flower tips in April and May. The delicate-looking flowers have an airy feel, making it the perfect contrast to other shade items like Hosta” Yoyo’s second favorite plant, Heuchera villosa ‘Mega Caramel’ (Coral Bells), is described as bearing “huge caramel foliage with a pink and purple underside, wiry stems of cream colored little bells appear in mid-summer to early fall, and thrives in heat and humidity with white flowers in late summer.”

MANTS occurs annually in January.


Plant sketch of Jung Lee’s favorite at MANTS ©Jung Lee


Heuchera villosa ‘Mega Caramel’ ©You Li


Epimedium x ‘Domino ©You Li