In Celebration of Landscape Architecture: The Launch of World Landscape Architecture Month

Every year landscape architects unite for the month of April to partake in National Landscape Architecture Month – a month long celebration of landscape architecture and designed spaces around the country.

Yet this year the National becomes World, as the American Society of Landscape Architects pushes to connect the world with design. World Landscape Architecture Month celebrates the profession of landscape architecture and its designs, and aims to share it with landscape architects around the globe.

Each of ASLA’s 49 chapters is working virtually with a sister organization or firm in a foreign country that is also dedicated to landscape architecture – bolstering the sharing of ideas, designs and innovations, while reaching an expansive international audience. Further growing awareness of the international presence of landscape architecture, ASLA offers access to a wallet-sized card – “Designed by a Landscape Architect” – so that they can take pictures of designed spaces and share them internationally via social media.

For more information, check out “World Landscape Architecture Month” on facebook, or search #WLAM2015 when searching images on Twitter or Instagram.