Hardscape. The bones of the garden. Walls, steps, arbors, terraces and other features. These features structure and define your outdoor space.

We feel these ‘built’ elements share equal importance with plants, offering an architectural complement to their natural form. Naturally, your attention is drawn first to dramatic masses of planting, but it is the practical beauty of built elements that firmly anchors the garden to the ground plane.

Walls can have a huge impact on a garden. They give privacy, security, wind protection, and mark boundaries. They work equally well as a means to display art or as a backdrop. Regardless of your garden’s size or shape, there’s an opportunity for a wall.

The material you select to build a wall should reflect the materials used in the house or elsewhere in the garden, or materials that can easily adapt to the existing style. We often choose stone, which can adopt a formal look when laid in a precise pattern, or more relaxed when stacked randomly. Concrete and timber also work gracefully in the garden.

Good craftsmanship is mandatory when building walls. This is both for aesthetics, but also for safety. Even a modest wall is made up of a huge weight of materials and would result in severe injury if something were to go wrong. Always consult with a professional regarding dimensions, safety features, structural details, and specifications required by local government agencies.

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