Honoring Historic Preservation in New York

Eric D. Groft and John Stanley Knowlton attended the Preservation League of New York State at the 2010 Pillar of New York Awards Gala honoring Matthew Bender IV and Beyer Blinder Bell Architects and Planners at the Waldorf Astoria Empire Room on Tuesday, November 9th 2010.

The Preservation League of New York State is dedicated to the protection of New York’s diverse and rich heritage of historic buildings, districts, and landscapes. It actively encourages historic preservation by public and private organizations, agencies, and individuals in local communities throughout New York State and provides the united voice for historic preservation.

The Pillar of New York Award is the Preservation League’s most prestigious honor. Each year, it is awarded to those who have demonstrated a keen understanding of the value of New York’s historic resources by taking extraordinary actions to protect, preserve, and promote those assets.

Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners LLP of New York City was celebrated for the firm’s role as one of America’s premier authorities on historic preservation, and for their work on some of New York State’s most iconic and best-loved historic buildings and important historic areas.

Matthew Bender IV’s name is virtually synonymous with philanthropy and leadership in historic preservation, particularly in upstate New York, where has served on the New York State Commission on the Restoration of the Capitol since its creation in1979.