Sheila Brady Lectures at Dumbarton Oaks

OvS’ Principal Sheila Brady recently took part in Dumbarton Oaks’ 2018 Fall Colloquium, Botanical Gardens and The Urban Future.

The colloquium brought together landscape designers, historians, and scientists from all over the world to discuss the “changing role of botanical gardens  in the urban context as both landscapes and research and public institutions.”

The presenters included, among others, Peter Crane of Yale University, Finola O’Kane of University College Dublin, Emma Spary of the University of Cambridge, and Hans-Walter Lack of the Free University of Berlin. Sheila presented OvS’ work designing ecosystems for two gardens at the NYBG: The Native Plant Garden and The Azalea Garden.

Dumbarton Oaks

Speakers (L-R): Gerda van Uffelen, Hans-Walter Lack, Peter Crane, Sheila Brady, Anatole Tchikine, Vanessa Sellers, Mikyoung Kim, Finola O’Kane, Emma Spary, and Adriaan Geuze