City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks: Santa’s Big Scene

Out of all that the month of December brings to us here on Capitol Hill, one of our favorites is the arrival of Santa Claus.

You see, every year a Christmas parade winds its way through the streets of South East DC and delivers the Jolly ‘Ol Elf right to our doorstep. Literally. After the parade, Santa hangs out DIRECTLY in front of our City Bank Building, visiting with the community, hearing well thought-out pleas, making twice-checked lists and turning us back into kids ourselves. We’re so pleased that Mr. Claus chooses to make our home HIS home that we decided to build him some more comfortable, familiar digs.

Two of our elves, Nick “I-Ate-Too-Many-Cookies” Ries and Thomas “Me-I-Want-A-Hula-Hoop” Forker jumped at the chance to build this year’s Santa House. They are not sure if they made the ‘Nice’ list, so they’re doing everything they can…