Eric Groft Lectures at Kansas State

Lisa Delplace Speaks at Denver ICAA

Lisa Delplace Lectures at Design DC

OvS Principal and CEO Lisa Delplace to Speak in Bergamo, Italy

This September Lisa Delplace, OvS Principal and CEO, will lecture at I Maestri del Paesaggi, International Meeting of the Landscape and Garden in Bergamo, Italy. The focus of the meeting of the most-well known landscape architects and garden designers is Wild Landscape, a theme that has resonated throughout Lisa’s career.

Upcoming Lectures for Lisa Delplace and Eric Groft

In the coming months OvS Principals Lisa Delplace and Eric Groft will have the opportunity to speak to both industry colleagues, students and amateur gardeners about the firm’s unique strategies.

Senior Associate Stacilyn Feldman Presents at ASLA Meeting

OvS employees participate in activities of the American Society for Landscape Architects throughout the year, and the Annual Expo and Meeting in Chicago gave Senior Associate Stacilyn Feldman the opportunity to advise those who will soon sit for the Landscape Architect Registration Examination (LARE).

Full House for Spotlight on Design

A packed house filled greeted OvS Principals Lisa Delplace, Sheila Brady and Eric Groft when they took the stage in the Great Hall of the National Building Museum Thursday, December 3. More than 150 clients, architects, planners, photographers, developers and fellow landscape architects attended the Spotlight on Design panel about the firm.

Principals Discuss OvS Future and Past at National Building Museum Panel Discussion

OvS Principals Sheila Brady, Lisa Delplace and Eric Groft will participate in a panel discussion at the National Building Museum on December 3, 2015, from 6:30 to 8 PM. Spotlight on Design: Oehme, van Sweden will provide an inside view on the firm’s legacy and present successes.

Eric Groft Lectures at the 2015 Perennial Plant Symposium


Eric Groft Lectures at Metro Hort Group’s September Meeting

Eric Groft encouraged gardeners at Metro Hort Group to pick up their paint brushes and get inspired by art in his lecture The Artful Garden: Creative Inspiration for Landscape Design at the Arsenal in Central Park. Dagni Senzel, who serves on the Board of Metro Hort, complimented Eric on the talk’s ‘fresh approach” of looking at design through the lens of artist’s quotations.