Sheila Brady represents OvS at the Audubon Women in Conservation Luncheon and presentation of the 2017 Rachel Carson Award.

The honorees of The National Audubon Society’s 2017 award were Jaime Rappaport Clark, President & CEO, Defenders of Wildlife; Dr. Heidi Cullen, Chief Scientist, Climate Central; and Anne Thompson, NBC News’ Chief Environmental Affairs Correspondent. The awards presented at The Plaza in New York City, ‘honors American women whose work has greatly advanced conservation locally and globally.’ The awards’ namesake, Rachel Carson, authored the book Silent Spring, which challenged the practices of chemical, agribusiness, and nuclear industries. Ms. Carson is widely recognized as a founder of the modern environmental movement.

Honorees and distinguished guests heard remarks from National Audubon Society’s David Yarnold and were served a Provençal vegetarian lunch inspired by organic farms in upstate New York.

OvS Principal Sheila Brady attended the luncheon as the guest of Dr. Diane Lewis, M.D., founder of The Great Healthy Yard Project and the author of its companion book, The Great Healthy Yard Project. The organization is an environmental non-profit working to improve and protect the quality of drinking water in order to help families lead healthier lives.

The mission of the Audubon Women in Conservation Program is to recognize the stature of female environmental leaders, inscribe their work on the historical record, promote women’s roles in the environmental movement, and inspire young girls and young women in environmental careers and activism.